Tennis Elbow Success Story Pat H.

Pat Hussey, Virginia, USA

“Now Playing (Tennis) Pain Free Again”

I had a bad case of tennis elbow. Used your suggestions for recovery and now am playing pain free again.

I followed your therapy suggestions very carefully and shared your site with my other tennis friends. Even driving, I would do the therapy and every chance I could while healing.

Truly, I will use your therapy if I ever have this problem again. What I must do is continue the strengthening exercises.

Thank you so much – I couldn’t be happier.

Pat Hussey

Tennis Elbow Success Story Siobhan H.

Siobhan Houston, EdD
Denver, Colorado

“My Elbow Began To Feel Better Within A Few Days”

I had severe tennis elbow, probably from mousing at my office job.

Since I work at a hospital, I found a lot of advice from doctors, physical therapists and coworkers on how to treat it: rest, braces, stretching, frequent icings, different mouses.

After two months, the condition was not improving and I was quite depressed. I felt the chances of my elbow healing were very low.

I did some more Internet research and happened upon Allen’s free YouTube videos. His suggestions and explanations made so much sense. I immediately paid for a gold membership to his Tennis Elbow Classroom.

The Anatomy Class video helped me understand the condition, and as I followed the exercises and stretches on the videos, my elbow began to feel better within a few days. Now the elbow is healed and I’m very grateful!…

But Allen’s teaching goes farther than just ameliorating the condition–he has much to offer about preventing it from happening again.

I’m very grateful I found Allen’s Tennis Elbow Classroom. His work is revolutionary and it’s wonderful that it is available via streaming and downloading.

Siobhan Houston, EdD

Tennis Elbow Success Story Allen D.

Fr. Allen Doerksen,
St. Matthew, Anglican Church,
Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

“Last Week I Hit The Two Longest Drives Of My Life!”

About 8 years ago, my wife, of all people, suggested that I “take up golf” because “you need a hobby” to take you away from work for a while….

It’s been a love affair ever since. That’s why when, this past January (2013) I developed a short pain in the tendon of my right elbow, I gulped deeply; was this “hobby” being taken from me? The pain was so bad I could barely lift my hand up to my face let alone swing a golf club.

I rested the arm for several months and things didn’t get any better. Golf season was approaching so, in desperation, I went to see my doc who recommended a cortisone shot; voila all the pain went away! I was healed; or so I thought.

I began to play golf again but alas within two months the pain was back and this time worse than ever.

At the beginning of July this year I was fortunate enough to stumble upon and signed up because, “one more set of exercises or explanations probably won’t make the situation worse than it already is.”

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Allen gave detailed explanations as to why traditional treatments for tennis elbow not only didn’t help but actually made the situation worse! I signed up; began the 3-3-3 program and began to make immediate progress.

Within a few weeks I began to swing the club again and though I’ve tried to limit my playing (Allen’s recommendation) as I continue to work on my elbow, my handicap index has dropped into the single digits for the first time in a couple of years.

Several months ago I could barely hit a golf ball; last week I hit the two longest drives of my life, 370 and then 385 yards! On consecutive holes!

My elbow is not completely better but now I have the confidence that if I stick with the program it will continue to improve.

I can’t say enough about the quality of the instruction on the videos; Allen is crystal clear; you won’t find yourself wondering if you’re doing the techniques correctly. In addition Allen answered a couple of follow-up emails personally which was great!

All the best to those of you who try Allen’s program, you won’t be disappointed.

Sincerely, Fr. Allen Doerksen

Tennis Elbow Success Story: Julian

Julian Poole, Dorset, UK

“Precisely The Detailed, Logical Information I’d Been Seeking”

Guitar-playing is something I could not imagine living without, so you can imagine my frustration – even fear – when I began experiencing wrist and elbow pain each time I practiced about six months ago.

I searched the internet for advice, not really trusting my local doctor to do anything more than give me a course of anti-inflammatories and perhaps a session or two with a physio. I even feared more extreme treatments might be recommended, such as cortisone injections and even surgery.

Reassured initially by the claims of self-healing procedures on the internet, I began doing regular exercises, which did actually help a bit with the wrist pain, which I’d self-diagnosed as some sort of carpal-tunnel syndrome. However, the elbow pain, if anything, just seemed to get worse.

Fortunately, on the point of giving up self-treatment and resigning myself to the probably inadequate advice of my general practitioner, I discovered the Tennis Elbow Classroom. This struck me immediately as precisely the sort of detailed, logical information I’d been seeking all along.

Already, right at the start of the process, having worked through the e-book and free introductory videos, I feel in very good hands and am once more full of hope that I can finally free myself of elbow pain once and for all! – Julian, Poole

Tennis Elbow Success Story: Randy S.

Randy Smith, Stoney Creek, Ontario, CAN

“I’ve Found Only One Comprehensive Program”

I have had Tennis Elbow for some time and it keeps coming back. I’ve tried physiotherapy and have found it expensive and not comprehensive as very little attention is given to educating me as to what I can do at home or the nature of my problem.

So I’ve gone online and there are many videos on You Tube, but I’ve found only one comprehensive program. This program cost less than one trip to my physiotherapist and gives me stretches, exercises and knowledge that would take over a year of visits to my physiotherapist to accumulate.

My advice: give it a try, the lessons are what you need, sequential and there is little downside and it does not mean you have to stop any other therapy you are involved in.

Randy Smith

Tennis Elbow Success Story: R.C.


“Get’s You On The Road To Recovery”

I am a newcomer to the Tennis Elbow classroom program. I was skeptical as I started to review the material but I now believe this will lead to my full recovery. I immediately started the program.

The information is very easy to follow and can be done by yourself. Easy to understand, easy to follow, and most importantly gets you on the road to recovery – R.C., USA


Tony, Los Angeles, CA

“Loving Your Instructions! They Really Work.”

Loving your instructions! They really work.

I am a tennis pro and just came back to teaching after some years off. My Tendinosis was pretty severe and I was just playing/teaching with the pain.

I teach a lot of strong junior players and it was getting very difficult. Some students were trying to get me to use the bands and ice etc…then I discovered your site.

I got almost immediate partial relief and the pain and location of the pain has been steadily decreasing over the last 2-3 weeks since I signed up (and am doing the exercises/massages etc… every day)

I was attracted to try your program because your philosophy matched up with what I know to be true about health in general (eg inflammation is a necessary and healthy response of the body etc…like a fever can be as well).

I can now “see the light at the end of the tunnel” to heal this chronic injury.

Thanks again! – Tony


Alison, Irwin, Canada

“I Was Able To Cure My Tennis Elbow Myself Within About A Month”

I am a full-time yoga instructor and due to an intense teaching schedule and practice I was suffering from an acute and classic case of tennis elbow.

I tried a number of therapies from chiropractic and massage to deep needling, acupuncture and specific stretches. Nothing seemed to be working.

It was suggested that I get a cortizone shot. I was very concerned about this and thus started to research the side effects. It was during this research that I came across the “Tennis Elbow Classroom” site.

I have never before purchased anything online but I was impressed by what I read and desperate! I followed the exercises and massage techniques for about a month coupled with the moderate use of an anti-inflammatory gel called “Valteran”.

With the help of the program I was able to cure my Tennis Elbow myself within about a month.

(I was suffering with it for almost a year!) I would highly recommend this program if you would like to take your care into your own hands and see results.


Adrian, Australia

“Doing Lots of Physical Activities I Was Unable To Do For Months”

Thanks Allen, Very happy with the investment.

After over 12 months of pain, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and a couple of different exercise devices, I was several hundred dollars out of pocket with no improvement.

Since starting your treatment plan I have made significant progress with healing my Tennis Elbow. The information and visual material you provide is clear and instructive.

It gave me the confidence to do the massage process knowing that it was helping even though it was hurting.

I made a lot of progress in the first few weeks and since then have just been occasionally doing some massage, exercises and stretching. It probably would have been completely healed if I had applied myself a bit more intensively for a bit longer.

When I say completely healed I am only having the occasional twinge which clears up as soon as I do some massage, exercise and stretching. I have been doing lots of physical activities that I was unable to do for months and months.

It was a bit of a balancing act working out when to ease off from the massage treatment, and how much other physical work to start doing again, but it definitely works.

As I am writing this I am deciding to get disciplined again about doing the massage, exercises and stretching daily until it completely heals. Gratefully, Adrian


Richard E. VonReichestein
Wyandotte, Michigan, USA

“I Had One Of The Worst Cases Of Tennis Elbow My Two Doctors Have Come Across In A Long Time…”

Where to begin, wow that is a tough one, but i will try and be short and to the point. Well i guess it started back in February of 2012 when i was trying some forearm exercises and did not take any breaks or recovery time in between my sets and i pushed real hard until one day i could not even lift a small empty 8 oz cup.

I thought “ooh no” what have i done. At first i thought i would just let it rest for awhile but after almost three months had passed i thought i had better see a doctor. After finally consulting my family doctor he recommended a Orthopedic surgeon.

Upon initial examination of my injury’s i was told i had severe lateral epicondylitis or the better known “Tennis Elbow”. I was told to take ibuprofen and ice it often,plus i had a cortisone steroid injection in both my arms.

Ooh yea did i not mention that i had Tennis Elbow in both arms, oops my bad. Any way after nearly a year and 3 more cortisone injections i was finally told to go to rehab. I was beginning to think all hope was running out.

Even after 3 more months in rehab there was no improvement in sight,then finally my insurance cut me off with no hope in sight, i thought i was going to have to get surgery, but surgery was not a finale cure as i was researching the subject.

My orthopedic doctor said “sorry son no Guarantees”. Now remember i have this in both arms and no cure to speak of, so i thought. I started looking on Youtube and any information i could get to try and solve this problem on my own.

I saw many self help sights and suggestions all over the web, some even sounded promising but none where making any sense to me until i stumbled across Allen Willette website. I saw his tutorials and explanations of this debilitating problem and the light went on.

I thought “FINALLY” someone who knows what they are talking about. I mean come on, everything he talked about from stretching properly to cross friction made more sense to me then all the doctors and orthopedics combined.

For me it was a no brainer. For 37 dollars i had all of Allens knowledge and skills to use and cure what seem to be incurable.

All i can say is that i had one of the worst cases of Tennis Elbow my two doctors have come across in a long time and none of them had any idea how to handle it except with surgery, and that was not an option for me.

If you want to save yourself alot of money, time, grief and pain, give yourself the best treatment in the world and check out Allen Willette’s Tennis Elbow Classroom and get the facts.

Ooh and by the way, after nearly 18 months of this and only 3 months with allen i am 98 percent cured.

I want to personally Thank Allen for all you have done for me, you gave back to me what no one else could and that was my life and peace of mind.

THANK YOU, with best regards, Richard VonReichestein.



“Thanks So Much For This Program! I Was, In Fact, Doing Everything Wrong!”

I have been fencing for about a year and have been having trouble with Tennis Elbow in BOTH arms for about 18 months.

I tried PT and had a cortisone injection in each elbow on different occasions. My left arm is manageable now but my right has been VERY bad since it is my fencing arm.

I started your program about a week ago and have to say that I am happy with the results. The pain is far less and the tightness is subsiding greatly.

I fenced on Sunday with a loose support on and the arm felt great. I am looking forward to continuing to do the treatments and stretches and moving up to the exercises soon.

Thanks so much for this program! I was, in fact, doing everything wrong. I will be sharing your program with all the fencers at my club.

I will add a video when my progress increases. For now, I wanted you to know that I am happy and grateful so far.


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