What’s the Best Treatment for Tennis Elbow Relief?

What’s the best remedy, cure or treatment for Tennis Elbow? Anti-inflammatories? Icing? Braces and bands?… Lotions, potions, and gimmick devices… What about the painful Cortisone shot?

There are stages of healing that every injury has to go through, but do these “treatments” help this healing process – Or do they only cover up your pain and other symptoms?

Pills, Ice, Braces, Cortisone shots – Why None of These So-called Tennis Elbow Treatments Help

If you’ve had Tennis Elbow longer than a few weeks, I’m sure you’re already starting to realize – the answer to “What’s the best treatment?” is certainly NONE of the above!

These so-called remedies are nothing but “quick fixes” that cover up your pain and other symptoms!

Worst of all, the more you rely on them – the more they can slow down your recovery, or even make your Tennis Elbow worse – And that’s no exaggeration.

Of course, I understand you may not know what else to do. And it’s not your fault if you’ve been given a lot of bad advice.

Let me repeat that: “It’s not your fault” – After all, who could blame you for going along with the crowd and taking the standard medical approach. It’s only natural to expect that the medical experts and other “authorities” will know what the best, proven treatments are and tell you!

It’s just common wisdom – Right?

Tennis Elbow Best Treatment Video ThumbnailExcept that Tennis Elbow can be extremely, stubbornly resistant to almost everything: Conventional treatments, remedies and so-called cures alike – In other words, they don’t work – Why is that?

In large part because most of it is based on medical myths and outdated ideas that never seem to change.

My name is Allen Willette – I treat Tennis Elbow every day, very successfully – and my mission is to give you solid info, you can count on for a change. About causes not just symptoms… About healing not just pain relief, and to teach you key facts, and not just make you outrageous claims and promises.

So, let’s forget about all the tips, tricks, tactics and quick fixes for a minute, (whether medical or the Internet variety) – and ask ourselves the real question:

What’s the best way to help Tennis Elbow HEAL – 100%?

Assuming what you really want is not just temporary pain and symptomatic relief – but to help your injury heal – To break the vicious cycle once and for all… Wouldn’t you agree the best place to start should be with understanding how the healing process of your muscles and tendons works?

Then you can choose the best treatment to HELP it heal – Rather than getting fooled into chasing your symptoms with all those quick fixes.

So, briefly, there are 3 stages or “steps” your body takes in its healing process after you’re injured…

The first Stage of healing is Inflammation

Believe it or not, inflammation is a natural part of healing, whether you scrape your knee, tear a muscle or injure a tendon…

And if they’re still telling you that chasing and suppressing your inflammation with drugs, ice, creams and shots will help your Tennis Elbow heal, I have news for you.

As crazy as it sounds, they’re basically telling you to do the opposite of what will help your healing process!

(You might also want to watch my video: “InflammaSCAM Exposed” debunking this “inflammation myth” – Although it is a bit “overkill” once you get the basic idea, I have to admit. I do tend to belabor this point 😉

The next step in your healing process is the ‘Repair Stage’

The ‘Repair Stage’ involves Scar Tissue, which you can’t really avoid if you have any damage that involves tearing.

That’s not to say that everyone with Tennis Elbow symptoms has torn muscles or tendons, but if you have some tearing (and Scar Tissue from it) the key is all in HOW you deal with it.

It’s so important to release, minimize and strengthen that scar tissue.

This is such a critical area I can’t do a proper job of explaining everything about it here – especially when it comes to the third stage of healing, which is called ‘Remodeling’

Since I have an article and video that covers the Repair and Remodeling stages of healing I’m going to hold off on more detail on that for now… Let’s cut to the chase, and cover what I believe is the most important treatment to help Tennis Elbow sufferers heal 100%…

For the fastest, fullest recovery you need three things:

The first, and by far the most important treatment is hand’s-on muscle AND tendon therapy

I don’t mean simple massage, although that’s a start. I’m really talking about more specific, focused therapies.

And here’s a key point, muscles and tendons heal somewhat differently, and if you want to get the maximum treatment benefit, you need different therapy techniques:

  • To release sticky scar tissue,
  • To release chronic muscle tension,
  • And to stimulate tendon healing.

What the heck do I mean by “stimulate tendon healing?”

Well, to really answer that properly I have to recommend that other article and the video I mentioned earlier… It’s about that Scar Tissue issue – and how muscles and tendons have different healing “challenges” and benefit from different therapy techniques to help them.

In the video I draw it all out on a whiteboard for you – which really helps you visualize it – It’s called “Healing Tennis Elbow”

The video is free to subscribers along with the other 3 videos in the ‘Tendon Tutorial’ series. At the end of this article you’ll see a place to subscribe and get free access to these videos and my free ebook. Here’s the video: Healing Tennis Elbow

And here’s the article if you want to read instead:

The Best Treatment for Tennis Elbow Starts With Learning How Muscles & Tendons Heal

The second most important treatment, is a very special stretch

This method stretches your muscles very briefly, without putting too much strain on your TENDONS…

Sounds pretty simple, but almost everyone is teaching you how to stretch in a risky way that could make your injury worse. Don’t HOLD the stretch, is what I’m saying.

The third most important treatment is exercise

You may have already learned few basic forearm muscle exercises. The problem is most Tennis Elbow sufferers shouldn’t be doing ANY of them until they’ve started getting muscle and tendon therapy or learning how to do it themselves.

The reason is that so many aggravate their injuries trying to do exercises too soon.

Here’s the really KEY thing you may not hear anywhere else… The healing and repair process can stall at any point – and it can remain stalled, or shall we say, “dormant” for months or even years.

THAT’s the real challenge so many with Tennis Elbow have to overcome.

And the best way to deal with it – is hands-on therapy – Direct, skilled, physical manipulation of your muscles and tendons to release the “scar tissue” and jump-start the stalled healing process. There’s no substitute for it

But the GOOD news is you can easily learn to do it yourself, and I have just the program to teach you – especially if you can’t afford to see a therapist like me, or don’t know where to find one that’s so specialized.

And in that spirit, I invite you to join my Tennis Elbow Classroom Gold Members’ Program. You get instant access to the complete self-help video program I developed for my Tennis Elbow clients, where I’ll guide you through a simple, easy-to-follow – yet comprehensive strategy, to help you break your vicious “Tennis Elbow” pain cycle – once and for all.

Tennis Elbow Classroom Membership Card ImageWhat’s in the Full-Access Gold Membership Program?
A complete video-tutorial program for treating all the muscle and tendon causes of your Tennis Elbow yourself at home – Details:
Tennis Elbow Classroom Gold 

Treatment For Tennis Elbow


  1. Mark says

    Excellent information. I’ve been struggling with elbow pain from golfing and have been unable to see any improvement over the last few months.


    • Allen Willette, Tennis Elbow Tutor says

      Thanks, Mark.

      I’m glad my info was helpful.

      Believe me, I know what you’re going through (although my tendon injury 20+ years ago didn’t have anything to do with golf) It can go on and on for months before you finally get real relief and get on the road to healing and recovery. Hang in there!

  2. Jan Brown says

    Help, as I have golfers and tennis elbow. I have been struggling with curing this for 6 months. Is PRP worthwhile?

    • says

      I was asked about PRP on my YouTube Channel recently. It sounds good in theory. It seems to fall into the class of things that may support the healing process, rather than things that inhibit the healing process – or merely mask the symptoms. I personally wouldn’t choose to have an injection of any kind, though.

  3. akash says

    i m presently suffering from tennis elbow injury from last 5 months.i studied ur article.its really nice and helpful
    ………….i had this injury on my right hand from last 5 months…but now the same symtoms r thre on my left hand from last 6 days…..is it possible that both hands may suffer from tennis elbow injury……..plz give some suggestions that helped mi 2 recover from injury soon…………reply soon


    • says

      Thanks for the compliment, Akash. Yes. It’s possible to have Tennis Elbow on both sides. I can’t really give you any personal suggestions, though. I hope the site helps in that regard. (Learning about the nature of the injury and what treatment mistakes to avoid are key first and second steps.)

  4. Mercedes says

    I have been suffering with tennis elbow over a year. I recently began ASTYM, does this really help? My therapist has bruised my arm up so bad I have to wear long sleeves to work in the middle of the summer, I look like I was beaten or in an accident. I dont think I want to continue with this course of treatment.

    • says

      I’m sorry to hear you’re that badly bruised, Mercedes. To me that’s a clear indication of either over-aggressive application or an inexperienced practitioner (or both.) I have to admit that as a “hands-on” therapist, I’ve always been somewhat biased against the use of hard tools to do Soft Tissue Therapy – whether ASTYM, Graston Technique or IASTM. I don’t disagree with the theory or principles involved. I’m sure it has it’s proper applications, and I’m sure it works for some – with or without bruising. (And, admittedly, sometimes overly-aggressive Massage Therapists bruise people with their hands without tools)…

      But when I hear stories like yours, I can’t help but wonder if the practitioner was a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist. (Not they can’t do gentle and effective Soft Tissue Therapy, with or without instruments – It’s just that they often have very little base training in Soft Tissue manipulation and are often pressed for time and trying to do more with less, which can easily translate to more force and subsequent bruising – which is a form of trauma, obviously.) Hang in there!

  5. Martin says

    I worked in Africa and suffered badly with tennis elbow. We worked in the bush so seeing a doctor was a bit of an effort. One of my Afrikaaner colleagues said to rub “brake fluid” onto the elbow and it would go ————- and it did !
    I am not suggesting you try it but !!!!!!!! It did make my elbow heat up for a short period, obviously you can not leave it on permanently, as it can be messy with a slight smell too. I had no side affects except that I could stop quickly ha ha !

  6. gina says

    I have suffered tennis elbow for a year, and have had two cortisone shot twice before I saw your website.
    The doctor never told me any side effect of cortisone shot. Now my problem got worse. I saw a website
    called AidMyTennisElbow.com, they are selling “Elbow Inferno Wrap” to increase blood flow to the injured area.
    Do you think that this product will help my tennis elbow?

  7. Davis says

    As a user of the Inferno Elbow Wrap, I can bring some perspective to the previous comment.

    Allen is correct, you can not place emphasis on only one modality or one treatment option. Healing a case of tennis elbow requires a comprehensive approach as I discovered. Proper heat based therapy, cold compression therapy, stretching, etc – it is all required at some point. Regarding cortisone and pain killers – not something I opted for as I needed to heal, not merely mask pain.

    I am an avid golfer and softball player and I have no doubt this is where my tennis elbow developed. Where I found the Inferno helpful was prior to activity by utilized as the warm up modality. I notice a great difference between the Inferno and standard products which are all based on conduction. Conductive heat tends to absorb into the dermal and fat layers as i found through my research, while electromagnetic energy penetrates deeper – hence more energy reaches the targeted tissue and enhances the remodeling of the damaged tissue – the second benefit.

    So short term, better extensibility of the elbow tissue. Longer term, I have not suffered any set backs in the past year or so. Overall, happy with the Inferno Wrap and the other choices I made.

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