Tennis Elbow: Break Its Vicious Cycle!

Tennis Elbow Sufferers: All you need to do is join… Log in to the private, Members’ Area – And in minutes you’ll be following along with the videos as I show you:

  • How to treat your Tennis Elbow yourself! – (With three powerful therapies)…
  • How to stretch safely AND more effectively – (Three simple stretches)…
  • And how to get your strength back again – (With just three basic exercises)…

This simple program of 3 Therapies, 3 Stretches and 3 Exercises will help you finally overcome your Tennis Elbow – By breaking the cycle at the root of the problem in your muscles and tendons – NOT by drugging, masking and chasing symptoms!

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Here’s What You Get In Your Entirely Video-Based Tennis Elbow Self-Help Home Treatment Program

You get access to over an hour’s worth of on-demand video, created for you by a Neuromuscular Therapist who successfully treats Tennis Elbow clinically every day. Here’s a quick look at what’s in all your Class Modules:

Get Started by “Learning Your Landmarks” in Anatomy Class

Why bother learning the anatomy? Some of the problem is in your muscles – and some is in your tendons – Start by learning what they are and how they work so you can treat them yourself:

Tennis Elbow Anatomy Lesson Video Thumb ImageIntroductory Anatomy Class – Your introduction to the muscles and tendons you’ll soon be working on, stretching and strengthening:

Learn where they and what they do…

Next: Start Your Tennis Elbow Self Treatment

Discover how you can release and “roll-back” months or even years of sticky, stubborn “STUFF” restricting your muscles and tendons (deep at the ROOT of your elbow pain and injury) – with three simple, but powerful therapy methods:

Tennis Elbow Treatment Lesson Video Thumb ImageTennis Elbow Therapy Class – Here in the core of the program I show you how to treat your own muscles and tendons with three powerful therapy techniques… The very same methods I use every day in my own clinic that have helped countless people with stubborn, chronic elbow injuries make a full recovery after YEARS of pain…

The It’s Time For Some Gentle – But Effective Stretching…

Anyone can show you how to stretch – You’ve probably seen videos demonstrating various stretches for Tennis Elbow, but they all seem to be “the OLD, UN-safe way” – Learn the RIGHT way – The SAFE way to stretch the muscles involved:

Tennis Elbow Stretches Lesson Video Thumb ImageStretching Class – Learn the three simple but essential stretches. And how to do them in the safest, most effective way (so you don’t aggravate your injury)… (If stretching hasn’t helped you before – wait until you try these AFTER you use the Therapy Class techniques)

And Finally: Your Essential Tennis Elbow Exercises

You don’t need a gym or any fancy equipment – I promise you already have everything you need to do these three, simple exercises around the house:

Tennis Elbow Exercises Lesson Video Thumb ImageTennis Elbow Exercise Class – Finally, the three most important exercises every elbow injury sufferer needs. And how you can use common household objects to do them! (If you’ve found exercises difficult or aggravating before – then just use the Therapy Lesson techniques and the stretches at first, until your muscles are ready for exercise.)

What Do Tennis Elbow Classroom Members Have To Say?

“This Weekend I Got Back On The Tennis Court For The First Time…”

…and I really feel like I’m making progress. Don’t wait as long as I did to get started. I had my injury 8 months ago. I waited for 6 months figuring I would heal on my own, and I didn’t – Paul B, Houston, Texas

Pat H - Virginia, USA

Pat H – Virginia, USA

“Now Playing (Tennis) Pain Free Again”

I had a bad case of tennis elbow. Used your suggestions for recovery and now am playing pain free again. I followed your therapy suggestions very carefully and shared your site with my other tennis friends.

Even driving, I would do the therapy and every chance I could while healing. Thank you so much – I couldn’t be happier.

– Pat H, Virginia, USA

Siobhan Houston, EdD

Siobhan Houston, EdD

“The Elbow Is Healed And I’m Very Grateful!”

I had severe tennis elbow… Since I work at a hospital, I found a lot of advice on how to treat it: rest, braces, frequent icings… After two months, the condition was not improving and I was quite depressed. I felt the chances of my elbow healing were very low…

…The Anatomy Class video helped me understand the condition, and as I followed the exercises and stretches on the videos, my elbow began to feel better within a few days. Now the elbow is healed and I’m very grateful! – Siobhan Houston, EdD, Denver, Colorado

Fr. Allen Doerksen

Fr. Allen Doerksen

“Last Week I Hit The Two Longest Drives Of My Life!”

…The pain was so bad I could barely lift my hand up to my face let alone swing a golf club. I rested the arm for several months and things didn’t get any better. Golf season was approaching so, in desperation, I went to see my doc who recommended a cortisone shot; voila all the pain went away! I was healed; or so I thought. I began to play golf again but alas within two months the pain was back and this time worse than ever.

Within a few weeks [of beginning the program] I began to swing the club again and though I’ve tried to limit my playing (Allen’s recommendation) as I continue to work on my elbow, my handicap index has dropped into the single digits for the first time in a couple of years.

Several months ago I could barely hit a golf ball; last week I hit the two longest drives of my life, 370 and then 385 yards! On consecutive holes! – I can’t say enough about the quality of the instruction on the videos; Allen is crystal clear; you won’t find yourself wondering if you’re doing the techniques correctly. In addition Allen answered a couple of follow-up emails personally which was great!

– Fr. Allen Doerksen, St. Matthew, Anglican Church, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

NOTE: The results described in these testimonials are not necessarily typical: Testimonial Disclaimer
For all the stories in full length, visit the: Tennis Elbow Success Stories Page

Choose Your Desired Membership Level And Options

All three options give you access to the Tennis Elbow Anatomy, Therapy Techniques, Stretching Instruction and Exercise Training videos described above, backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee:

1. View Online On Your Computer (Gold) – Get instant access to all the video lessons online for 3 months with a single payment of $37. Just log in, watch on your desktop or laptop (PC or Mac) and follow along. (Flash streaming video only – No Ipad or smartphone capability.)

2. IPAD / Ipod / Downloadable Videos (Platinum) – As a Platinum Member, you can watch the videos on your computer, Ipad, Ipod – And even download them for keeps. One payment of $57. (Member access to the site for watching the videos online is for 3 months – Once downloaded, you can keep the videos as long as you like, of course!)

3. Get Personal Coaching Help! (Emerald / Diamond) – As a Gemstone-Level Member, you get personal, one-on-one phone or Skype video consulting time with me, in addition to the video program AND you get access to the Ipad/Ipod downloadable videos as a bonus.

The Emerald Package; ($97.) comes with 25 minutes of PHONE consulting time, and the Diamond Package; ($127.) gives you 25 minutes of face-to-face VIDEO-chat time you can use to:

  • Ask your most pressing questions,
  • Get feedback and guidance on your specific problem,
  • Get coaching and pointers on your therapy, stretches and exercises!

BONUS: New Members Support And Networking Forum

Tennis Elbow Classroom now features a forum. You can ask questions, form groups (Tennis players? Golfers? Contractors?) to discuss sport or occupation-specific Tennis Elbow issues and suggestions, and to ask me questions about the program.

(I can not guarantee detailed answers or any response at all in a given time frame, but do try my best to be regularly available to members – If you need relatively immediate, personal attention, please choose a package that includes phone or video consultation time with me. You can also purchase consult time later at a discount if you need it.)

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More Tennis Elbow Classroom Success Stories:

Julian Poole's Tennis Elbow Testimonial

Julian Poole

“Precisely The Detailed, Logical Information I’d Been Seeking All Along”

Guitar-playing is something I could not imagine living without, so you can imagine my frustration – even fear – when I began experiencing wrist and elbow pain each time I practiced about six months ago…

…Fortunately, on the point of giving up self-treatment and resigning myself to the probably inadequate advice of my general practitioner, I discovered the Tennis Elbow Classroom. This struck me immediately as precisely the sort of detailed, logical information I’d been seeking all along.

Already, right at the start of the process, having worked through the e-book and free introductory videos, I feel in very good hands and am once more full of hope that I can finally free myself of elbow pain once and for all!

– Julian Poole, Dorset, UK

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Randy Smith's Tennis Elbow Story

Randy Smith

“I’ve Found Only One Comprehensive Program”

I have had Tennis Elbow for some time and it keeps coming back. I’ve tried physiotherapy and have found it expensive and not comprehensive as very little attention is given to educating me as to what I can do at home or the nature of my problem.

So I’ve gone online and there are many videos on You Tube, but I’ve found only one comprehensive program. This program cost less than one trip to my physiotherapist and gives me stretches, exercises and knowledge that would take over a year of visits to my physiotherapist to accumulate.

My advice: give it a try, the lessons are what you need, sequential and there is little downside and it does not mean you have to stop any other therapy you are involved in.

– Randy Smith, Stoney Creek, Ontario, CAN

R.C.'s Tennis Elbow Endorsement


“Get’s You On The Road To Recovery”

I am a newcomer to the Tennis Elbow classroom program. I was skeptical as I started to review the material but I now believe this will lead to my full recovery. I immediately started the program.

The information is very easy to follow and can be done by yourself. Easy to understand, easy to follow, and most importantly gets you on the road to recovery.

– R.C., USA

NOTE: Testimonials / Success Stories Not Necessarily Typical – (The results described in the testimonials above, and elsewhere on this site, do not necessarily describe the typical or average results. Your results may differ.) See also: Testimonial Disclaimer

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