Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Sufferers: All you need to do is join and log in to the private, members’ classroom - and in minutes
you’ll be following along with the videos as I show you:

  • How to treat your own Tennis Elbow injury - with three powerful therapies…
  • How to stretch safely AND more effectively - (three simple stretches)…
  • And how to get your strength back again - with just three basic exercises…

This simple program of just 3 Therapies, 3 Stretches and 3 Exercises will help you finally overcome your aggravating elbow pain
by breaking the cycle at the root of the problem - NOT by drugging, masking and chasing symptoms!…

NEW: Now available in an Ipad / Ipod / Downloadable version…

Your Tennis Elbow Treatment, Stretching And Exercise Videos:

You get access to over an hour’s worth of on-demand video, created for you by a therapist who successfully treats Tennis Elbow clinically every day. Here’s what’s in all the Class Modules your membership gives you:

Get Started by “Learning Your Landmarks” in Anatomy Class

Why bother learning the anatomy? Some of the problem is in your muscles – and some is in your tendons – Start by learning what they are and how they work so you can treat them yourself:

Tennis Elbow Anatomy (Vid. Prev. Img.)Introductory Anatomy Class – Your introduction to the muscles and tendons you’ll soon be working on, stretching and strengthening:

Learn where they and what they do

Next: Start Your Tennis Elbow Self Treatment

Discover how you can release and “roll-back” months or even years of sticky, stubborn “STUFF” restricting your muscles and tendons (deep at the ROOT of your elbow pain and injury) – with three simple, but powerful therapy methods:

Tennis Elbow Treatment (Vid. Prev. Img.)Tennis Elbow Therapy Class – Here in the core of the program I show you how to treat your own muscles and tendons with three powerful therapy techniques…

The very same methods I use every day in my own clinic that have helped countless people with stubborn, chronic elbow injuries make a full recovery after YEARS of pain…

The It’s Time For Some Gentle But Effective Stretching…

Anyone can show you how to stretch – You’ve probably seen videos demonstrating various stretches for Tennis Elbow, but they all seem to be “the OLD, UN-safe way” – Learn the RIGHT way – The SAFE way to stretch the muscles involved:

Tennis Elbow Stretches (Vid. Prev. Img.)Stretching Class – Learn the three simple but essential stretches. And how to do them in the safest, most effective way (so you don’t aggravate your injury)…

(If stretching hasn’t helped you before – wait until you try these AFTER you use the Therapy Class techniques)

And Finally: Your Essential Tennis Elbow Exercises

You don’t need a gym or any fancy equipment – I promise you already have everything you need to do these three, simple exercises around the house:

Tennis Elbow Exercises (Vid. Prev. Img.)Tennis Elbow Exercise Class – Finally, the three most important exercises every elbow injury sufferer needs. And how you can use common household objects to do them!

(If you’ve found exercises difficult or aggravating before – then just use the Therapy Lesson techniques and the stretches at first, until your muscles are ready for exercise.)

Choose Your Desired Membership Level And Options

All three options give you access to the Tennis Elbow Anatomy, Therapy Techniques, Stretching Instruction and Exercise Training videos described above, backed by a 30-day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee:

1. View Online On Your Computer (Gold) - Get instant access to all the video lessons online for 3 months with a single payment of $37. Just log in, watch on your desktop or laptop (PC or Mac) and follow along. (Flash streaming video only – No Ipad.)

2. IPAD / Ipod / Downloadable Videos (Platinum) - As a Platinum Member, you can watch the videos on your computer, Ipad, Ipod – And even download them for keeps. One payment of $57. (Membership access to the site for watching the videos online is for 3 months – Once downloaded, you can keep the videos as long as you like, of course!)

3. Get Personal Coaching Help! (Emerald/Diamond) - As a Gemstone-Level Member, you get personal, one-on-one Skype video consulting time with me, in addition to access to the video program on your computer, Ipad/Ipod and the ability to download the videos.

Emerald ($77.) comes with 15 minutes, and Diamond ($97.) gives you 25 minutes of real, face-to-face “help time” you can use to:

• Ask your most pressing questions,

• Get feedback and guidance on your specific problem,

• Get coaching and pointers on your therapy, stretches and exercises!

(If you choose an option that includes a consultation with me – Emerald or Diamond - the consultation portion has a separate, conditional guarantee and refund policy: See the full terms here )

Just choose an option below, click “Join Now” and I’ll see you in class inside…

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  • 25 minutes

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30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee On Your Membership

Once again, I personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction with the video program – (Or on your video program membership portion if you choose a package that includes a consult with me.) If you’re not satisfied with the videos for any reason just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your membership fee – No questions asked – If you’re choosing a package with a consult see: Consult terms

Just choose an option above, click “Join Now” and I’ll see you in class inside. You don’t have to wait for anything, just log in – You’ll be watching, following along and on your way to a faster, stronger recovery within minutes. And again, whichever membership option you choose, it’s a ONE-TIME charge for THREE months access to the Tennis Elbow Classroom Members’ Area and Videos, with NO recurring, dues at all.

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